Alex Kipman


A professional in technology, an inventor, and an innovator in Bellevue.


Alex Kipman has a solid educational background supported by both academic accomplishments and beneficial experiences. He had the opportunity to learn from some of the best and brightest while attending some of the best colleges in the world. He learned what it really meant to identify problems and solve them via innovation by working with some of the best minds in the area. He had the opportunity to work on a project that no one else knew about, and he realized that he wanted to experience that feeling for himself. He made the decision to devote his life to enhancing and altering human experiences for the better because of this.

Despite being a Brazilian native, Kipman studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He earned a degree in software engineering in 2001. He cited his early years as the beginning of his obsession with technology's potential. His parents purchased him three Atari 2600s in total as a child, the first two of which he damaged by trying to figure out how the enchanted gaming technology worked. At that moment, he realized that he wanted to devote the rest of his life to doing this.