Alex Kipman


A professional in technology, an inventor, and an innovator in Bellevue.

Located in Bellevue, WA, Alex Kipman holds the esteemed title of Technical Fellow at Microsoft and is recognized as a beacon in the tech world. His illustrious journey has been dotted with remarkable achievements, such as the development of Kinect in 2010 and the unveiling of HoloLens in 2016. Beyond his professional ventures, He harbors a keen interest in Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and the theories of Metaverse and Multiverse.

Professional Endeavors and Commitments

His current focus gravitates towards the nuanced world of Metaverses. He aims to harness his vast expertise in the stated domains to craft meaningful human connections that defy the typical boundaries of space and time.

Professional Milestones

he has been a catalyst for groundbreaking innovations throughout his tenure at Microsoft. His drive to merge AI with immersive human experiences led to Kinect's record-setting sales, crowning it as a top consumer electronics device. In acknowledgment of his unparalleled contributions, Microsoft gave him the title of Technical Fellow and incorporated him into the Microsoft Hall of Legends in 2011.

Educational Foundations

Originating from Brazil, he pursued his academic aspirations at the Rochester Institute of Technology, clinching a degree in Software Engineering in 2001. This academic foundation acted as a bedrock, equipping him with an inventive perspective that would later reshape the tech world.

Honors and Distinctions

The tech industry and beyond have lauded His innate flair for innovation with many awards. 2011 TIME Magazine spotlighted him among their '100 People of the Year.' The Intellectual Property Foundation conferred upon him the National Inventor of the Year title in 2012. Moreover, his pioneering strides in computer vision research garnered him the esteemed Longuet-Higgins Prize at the IEEE/ CVF International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition in 2021.

Other accolades in his arsenal include the American Ingenuity Award by the Smithsonian in 2019, Microsoft's Outstanding Technical Achievement and Leadership Awards in 2012, and accolades from FAST Company and Time Magazine in 2011 and 2010, respectively.

Charitable Initiatives

Kipman's altruism shines through his philanthropic actions. The awards he clinched in 2012 came with a benevolent gesture—a charitable contribution of $100,000 each, underscoring his dedication to societal upliftment.

Beyond the Professional World

While His professional accomplishments are staggering, his inclinations are equally compelling. He delves deep into the realms of Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and the vastness of Metaverse and Multiverse. His attraction to these sectors extends well beyond their occupational applications.

In the tech landscape, Alex Kipman isn't just a notable name—he is a dynamo of innovation. His indelible mark at Microsoft is a testament to a relentless quest for knowledge and revolutionary achievements. However, beyond the accolades and milestones, he remains an ardent seeker, always intrigued by technological frontiers and ever eager to redefine human experiences.

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